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Grip Foot Tape Patches

From £12.80 excl VAT
  • Hard wearing & easy to install
  • Abrasive grip tape with self-adhesive backing
  • Suitable for ladders, stairs, ramps, entrances etc

Orthomat Standard & Safety Anti Fatigue Matting

From £31.95 excl VAT
  • Extremely comfortable standing surface
  • Reduces fatigue from standing for long periods
  • Pebble surface offers slip resistance
  • Suitable for dry environments only
  • Anti Fatigue - Charcoal or Grey
  • Safety Fatigue - Charcoal with yellow borders
  • Thickess 9mm

Rampmat Matting

From £26.13 excl VAT
  • A economical anti-fatigue mat for the workplace
  • Raised circular surface for superior slip resistance
  • Conforms to Slip Resistance Test EN13552 Category R10
  • Open drainage holes for spilt liquids
  • Made from hard wearing NBR rubber
  • Moulded bevelled edges reduce trip hazards
  • Thickness: 10mm

Bubblemat Matting

From £48.20 excl VAT
  • Effective anti-fatigue mat made from 100% natural rubber
  • Raised bubbled surface to stimulate blood circulation
  • Available as complete mats or interlocking sections for longer runs
  • Thickness: 14mm

Orthomat® Ultimate Matting

From £51.87 excl VAT
  • The mat is encapsulated in revolutionary PolyNit material that is resilient to most oils & chemicals found in engineering
  • Soft foam centre layer creates a very comfortable surface to reduce tiredness & health issues associated with prolonged standing
  • Raised diamond surface provides additional underfoot grip for enhanced safety.
  • Fire test classification of DFL-s1according to BS EN 13501
  • Thickness: 10mm

Deckplate Matting

From £110.69 excl VAT
  • PVC Diamond surface offers wear resistance
  • Foam backing relieves fatigue from standing
  • Supplied complete with all round ramped edges
  • Withstands demanding industrial applications
  • Suitable for dry environments
  • Deckplate - Black
  • Safety Deckplate - Black with Yellow Borders
  • Thickness - 14mm

Cobamat Standard Matting

From £446.64 excl VAT
  • Fights against operator fatigue
  • Flame retardent to DIN 4102
  • Conforms to BIA anti-slip test
  • Offers slip resistance in both directions
  • Available in Red, Black, Green & Blue, please call for details
  • Thickness 12mm
  • Hole size 22mm x 22mm

Cobamat Inter Matting

From £550.65 excl VAT
  • Easy to clean with mild detergent or pressure washer
  • Gives added cross grip in wet/oily areas
  • Ideal for heavy duty applications
  • Available in Red, Black, Green & Blue, please call for details
  • Thickness 12mm
  • Hole size 30mm x 10mm

Workstation Matting

From £91.11 excl VAT
  • Supplied with a yellow bevelled edge
  • Cross ribbed to prevent slipping in wet areas
  • Ideal as a machine operatives mat
  • Good resistance to the majority of oils & chemicals
  • Thickness 12mm
  • Two versions available -The standard version has a hole size of 22mm x 22mm.The Heavy Duty version has a hole size of 22mm x 10mm.

Worksafe Matting

From £134.58 excl VAT
  • Manufactured from hard wearing rubber
  • Ideally suited to relieve operator fatigue
  • Bevelled edges help prevent trips over the mat
  • Unique underside design prevents the mat from slipping on the floor

Cobascrape Mat

From £64.58 excl VAT
  • Hard wearing surface scrapes dirt from shoes
  • Provides a sure footing in wet / oily conditions
  • Bevelled edges to help prevent trips
  • Manufactured from 100% Nitrile
  • Ideal for all weather conditions
  • Machine washable
  • Colour: Black

Fingertip Mat

From £28.57 excl VAT
  • Traps dirt & debris protecting internal floors
  • Bevelled edges to help protect trips
  • Offers slip resistance in both directions
  • Easy to clean - Shake out or Hose down
  • Ideal for all weather conditions
  • Colour: Black


From £29.26 excl VAT
  • Manufactured using 100% recycled materials
  • Heavy rubber backing minimises movement on carpet & hard floor surfaces
  • Raised pattern removes dirt & debris
  • Colours Grey, Brown, Blue and Black. Please specify when ordering

Coba Wash Mat

From £45.31 excl VAT
  • Machine washable mat
  • Traps up to 90% of tracked-in dirt
  • Traps moisture, grit and grease
  • Bleach and fade resistant - 11 year warranty
  • Non-skid Nitrile rubber backing
  • Colours Black/Blue, Black Steel, Black/Brown, Black/Red. Please specify when ordering

Entraplush Mat

From £18.37 excl VAT
  • Traps dirt and debris, protecting interior floors
  • Slip resistant, stain resistant PVC backing.
  • Quick-drying 'crush-resistant' carpet surface
  • Colours Grey, Brown, Slate, Blue, Red, Green. Please specify when ordering

Microfibre Doormat

From £38.94 excl VAT
  • Exceptional multi-action entrance mat using hygienic microfibre technology
  • Superior 'brushing and wiping' with 'rapid dry' properties - even out performs cotton
  • Flexible, ultra-fine fibres provide deep cleaning action on passing footwear
  • Filament structure creates a capillary effect for improved dirt retention/absorbency
  • Environmentally friendly - does not requrie chemical pre-treatment or washing detergents

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